Welcome to the Notable vocaloid songs WikiEdit

This wiki is just basically a place to put in notable Vocaloid songs, it does not have to be popular, like World is Mine it just has to be notable/good. Also don't forget to add your own!

This wiki's definition of NoteableEdit

My definition of notable is it doesn't have to be popular just good/notable, although songs that aren't appropriate for minors WILL have to have a warning or it will be added ASAS(as soon as spotted).

What it's purpose isEdit

To help people find good songs. Please contribute so there are songs for ALL tastes!

What the circumstances have to be to have a warningEdit

  • Anything against any religion (includes religious roots)
  • Curse words (any sexual words or words like the a-word or d-word
  • Nudity in the PV (or any SC)
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